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This is a new series, I will listen to all the 80s albums released by the decade's artists and judge the songs that were not singles (in the UK) from an album.  I will give my opinion whether the remaining songs were just fillers or could have been singles.  How many singles I can find will determine the final rating of how good the album is as a whole.  Below 49% = Poor/50-64% = Average/65-79% = Very Good/80-100% = Excellent.  There will be a different artist each blog.  I am a big fan of all the artists I review in this series, so I have to think hard if the song would wow the chart public, even if they are my favourite songs!


Members - Vince Clark(Synthesizer/Keyboards/Guitar/Violin/Piano/Bass/Mandolin/Melodica/Vocals)/ Andy Bell (Vocals).

WONDERLAND (#71) (1986) -
Tracks -
Who Needs Love Like That/Reunion/Cry So Easy/Push Me Shove Me/Heavenly Action/Say What/Love Is A Loser/Senseless/My Heart...So Blue/Oh L'amour/Pistol.

Singles -
Who Needs Love Like That (#55)/Heavenly Action (#100)/Oh L'amour (#85).

Potential Singles -
Reunion - Sing along chorus, lovely melodies, repetitive but very catchy!
Cry So Easy - The closest Vince and Andy got to a power ballad, really nice melodies again, lovely tune.
My Heart...So Blue - Gorgeous song, brilliant lyrics and very emotive, classic Erasure ballad.

Fillers -
Push Me Shove Me (Not a great track, a little bit bland and too long)/Say What (A hint of Swing but seems a little confused at what its supposed to be to me)/Love Is A Loser (Sounds like its been made on a Stylophone by two rookie kids, a bit simple but the "dancing across the nation" almost lifted it to a good S Club 7 song)/Senseless (Doesn't grab my attention at all, similar all the way through)/Pistol (Not great lyrically or musically).

Average album! 6 singles from 11 tracks.  54.5/100.

THE CIRCUS (#6) (1987) -

Tracks -
It Doesn't Have To Be/Hideaway/Don't Dance/If I Could/Sexuality/Victim Of Love/Leave Me To Bleed/Sometimes/The Circus/Spiralling.

Singles -
Sometimes (#2)/It Doesn't Have To Be (#12)/The Circus (#6)/Victim Of Love (#7).

Potential Singles -
If I Could - Has enough nice sentiment about making the world a better place and a nice melodious backing track to make this a hit.

Filler -
Hideaway (Atmospheric but little to grab a singles buying public)/Don't Dance (Kind of meanders along with no real kick, even in the chorus)/Sexuality (I quite like this song, but maybe wouldn't get the radio friendly vote)/Leave Me To Bleed (A bit of a mish mash)/Spiralling (Nowhere near catchy enough or emotive enough to be a hit).

Average album! 5 singles from 11 tracks.  50/100.

THE INNOCENTS (#1) (1988) -

Tracks -
A Little Respect/Ship Of Fools/Phantom Bride/Chains Of Love/Hallowed Ground/Sixty-Five Thousand/Heart Of Stone/Yahoo!/Imagination/Witch In the Ditch/Weight Of The World/When I Needed You/River Deep, Mountain High.

Singles -
Ship Of Fools (#6)/Chains Of Love (#11)/A Little Respect (#4).

Potential Singles -
Phantom Bride - Catchy, bright electronic pop, perfect 80s hit!
Heart Of Stone - Classic Erasure, catchy chorus, foot tapping electronic pop.
Yahoo! - Love this, I think a proper Gospel choir on the chorus would be brilliant, bright, breezy and giving off positive vibes.
Imagination - The repeated chorus carries this, not a favourite of mine though but I can see the possibilities.
When I Needed You - Beautiful lilting song, emotion driven.

Fillers -
Hallowed Ground (A nice song, well constructed but not a hit single)/Sixty-Five Thousand (Instrumental, almost jazzy detective show soundtrack)/Witch In The Ditch (Reminding me of a school assembly song, bland)/Weight Of The World (Tries so hard to get that kick but doesn't quite make it)/River Deep, Mountain High (Close to being the worst version I've heard of this classic, sorry guys!).

Average album!  8 singles from 13 tracks.  61.5/100.

WILD! (#1) (1989) -

Tracks -
Piano Song (Instrumental)/Blue Savannah/Drama/How Many Times?/Star/La Gloria/You Surround Me/Brother And Sister/2000 Miles/Crown Of Thorns/Piano Song.

Singles -
Drama (#4)/You Surround Me (#15)/Blue Savannah (#3)/Star (#11).

Potential Singles -
2000 Miles - has enough to carry this, but not a great Erasure track, this album for me is a disappointment and this is the best track which sums that feeling up.

Fillers -
Piano Song (Instrumental) (1 minute instrumental, obviously not a hit single)/How Many Times (Drifts along nicely but has nothing to grab your attention)/La Gloria (Not good at all, the "accent" Andy is giving only adds to the drabness of this song, was probably a good idea at the time!)/Brother And Sister (Tries to be a theatre produced concert song, doesn't work at all)/Crown Of Thorns (Atmospheric, but the Erasure electronic pop "hit" seems to have disappeared)/Piano Song (A poor and slow end to a poor and slow album, sad to say).

Poor album! 5 singles from 11 tracks.  45.5/100.

My favourite 80s Erasure tracks?

Top 20 in no particular order -

1    Sometimes
2    The Circus
3    Ship Of Fools
4    Chains Of Love
5    A Little Respect
6    Hallowed Ground
7    Heart Of Stone
8    Yahoo!
9    It Doesn't Have To Be
10  Victim Of Love
11  Reunion
12  My Heart...So Blue
13  Drama
14  Blue Savannah
15  Who Needs Love Like That
16  If I Could
17  Cry So Easy
18  When I Needed You
19  Sexuality
20  Phantom Bride

Check back for another 80s artist review :)



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